Tuesday, March 23, 2010

butterflies and bullfrogs....

My children differ in more ways then just their gender.
Tyler doesn't like chocolate candy...Emily Klair loves it!!
Tyler loves sports...Emily Klair enjoys them but could live without them!!
Tyler is soo not a dare-devil...Emily Klair seems to have no fear!!
Tyler is very independent....Emily Klair not so much..she needs us much more!!
Tyler school comes very easy to him....Emily Klair not so much!!
The list could go on and on!!
Even though for the most part they are as different as butterflies and bullfrogs..they are still my beautiful, tenderhearted, sweet, kind, loving, best kiddos in the world and I am soo proud of them!!
*another difference..Tyler wants his hair longer and EK keeps going shorter....I will have to get more updated pics on here...EK's hair is above her shoulders now and Ty 's is still long but did get a good haircut we can now see his ears again..but for the most part it is still long...again different in soo many ways!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kari. Long time, no see! I just saw where you had posted on my old blog...completely by coincidence, I checked it today.

Kari said...

Hey!! Long time is an understatement!! Hope you are well and would love to catch up with you..are you blogging again????I go in and out...it was so good to hear from you..your blog id picture is too cute!!