Friday, March 28, 2008

Just another chapter in our book...

Our spring break started off with a bang... or should I say a bark!! Last Saturday it was a beautiful day outside and we were all outside. The kids were playing and Warren and I were cleaning out our garage. Well Tyler had come and asked if he could go down the street to a friends that he knew from school and jump on their trampoline. I really hesitated, because we did not know the kid or the family or anything about them. But, against my better judgement I let him go thinking it is only a few houses down, it is not like he is going inside or anything.

Ten minutes later a truck pulled up in our driveway asking "is it your son that is at our house playing? He has just been bite by our dog and we've called 911." I have to admit I do not think it registered with me for minute because by the time it really sunk in Warren had already grabbed his keys and was backing out of the driveway. I got Emily Klair and we took off walking down to the house. By the time I got there I put Emmy Klair in the car I did not want her anywhere around the dog or the house at this point, as I was walking around the vehicle Warren came out carrying Tyler in his arms. That first look at him I was not so sure it was ok to be moving him, but thanks to "papa bear" (that is what Tyler and I decided Warren turns into when faced with an emergency that involves one of his kids) and his quick thinking he got us all in the car and even had peace of mind to run home and get a clean towel to wrap him up in.

This is the part of the story that is fun to hear Tyler tell so I will try and use his words here not mine. "Daddy got us in the car and yelled at momma to get in the back and take care of me." (In my defense I jumped in the driver side when I saw Warren carrying him out of the house ready to spin tires out of there.) "Then daddy turned on his blinking lights and went 70 passing cars and going through lights to get me to the hospital and they did not even make me put my seatbelt on." It was quite a ride let me tell you.

Thankful does not even begin to describe how we feel. The dog was an alaskan husky that outweighed Tyler by atleast 20lbs and stood on all fours about as tall as him. It could have been alot worse we feel blessed that it only took 15 staples to the head and that his arm did not need anything but cleaning and a big ole bandaid. Everyone has always told us that Warren and I need to write a book about everything that happens to we now look at everything as just another chapter!


Andrea Spears said...

Yippee! The Robinson's have finally joined the blogging community! WELCOME!

garyneat said...

Now we can brag about our awsome grandkids even more!!
We have thanked God many times for Tylers saftey. That could have been tragic.

We Love you
Granny & Pa

The Andersons said...

Oh man! Now I have another blog to check 42 times a day....... guess the dishes will have to wait...longer! Just kidding... can't wait to see what happens next! But please, no more accidents!


Lizze said...

Hi Kari! First, you found me and now I've found you. :)

I can't imagine how terrifying this whole experience must have been for you guys. I do know from personal experience how vicious huskys can be though. I was attacked when I was 5 yr old. Luckily, it bit around my eye and didn't take it.

Scary, scary stuff. *hugs*