Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WOW are we really that old????

Warren celebrated his 31st birthday yesterday!! As you can see he is still just one big kid!!

That is one of the many things about him that makes him such a great husband and father...he does not take life too seriously.

We were talking last night and we have celebrated 16 birthdays together. (I do not feel that old!!) We have been through and lived through a lot together and I am thankful everyday that he was by my side through all of them.

So, as Tyler said yesterday "HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLE MAN"

We love you very much and you are appericated more then you know!!!


Amanda said...

Hi Kari! Thanks for you comment and for your prayers for my Dad. I would love to hear how you guys are handling the SPD with your daughter. Starting school is scary for me, too! Mason really struggles to sit still and do anything. He still has two years before he starts, though. We are keeping him out an extra year.

Stephanie talks about your family often. She is a pretty great gal :) I hope your son is okay after the dog incident. That looked pretty scary.

Lizze said...

Happy very belated birthday Warren! :)