Friday, April 18, 2008

Having it over and done....PRICELESS!!!!

I really do think that time is going by faster and faster these days!! We are loving playing outside and taking trips to the park. Spring is one of our favorite times of the year. Although I already have a fish named Emily Klair wanting to know when can we go swimming??

Both of my children are growing up way faster then I would like for them too!!! Tyler is in to soccer right now and loves it. I just love watching him play. He is doing great in school but is ready for summer vacation and I can not blame him I am too... His teacher said he was the heartbreaker of 1st grade all the little girls like him!! (warren is having a harder time with this then I am...Tyler has a couple girls that call him..and he has already been asked to the movies by one..go figure they are in 1st grade people..come on there is plenty of time for dating and talking on the phone!!) We are getting ready to have his birthday party..I know what your thinking "isn't his birthday in Jan.?" and yes it is but he wanted to have a camo party and do outside things like capture the flag, obstacle course, things of that nature so we decided to not have a party on his birthday and just have a party in the spring!! I am really excited about it because this will be the first one he has really ever had. He has always opted for the one or two friends spend the night yeah me I get to plan a party!!! I love it!!

Today was a big day in the life of Emily Klair she is officially a big girl!! Warren and I took her to get her kindergarten physical today....(boy am I glad that I convinced dad he needed to go with me!!) She was so brave she let them do her eye exam, hearing exam and even poke her finger and no tears!!! Dr. Denney could not believe how big a girl she was and as he was leaving said.."the nurse will be in shortly to give the 4 shots, have a good day!" and that is when it happened..My sweet little Emily Klair turned into this monster that was kicking and screaming!! Thankfully daddy was there and he could help hold her down and once she got the first one and realized it was not as bad as she thought she was okay...but for a few minutes there I was not sure it was going to happen. If you know about everything Emily Klair has been through going to the Dr. should be second nature to her...sometimes it is but sometimes because of everything she has been through it makes it harder because she can remember the things that hurt and was not fun so needless to say to have this over and done with is...PRICELESS!! No more thinking about it, talking about it, or worrying about it!!! We are all ready for if we can just get lower letters of the alphabet down!!hehe

As my children get older I am amazed everyday at what a blessing they are. Tyler is our sweet one and so kind hearted, he really wears his heart on his sleeve(not sure where he got that and Emily Klair is a sweetheart too, she is so playful, and loving, but will tell you real quick if it was not done to her liking. She is also a prankster like her mom and dad...hehe!!! both of our children are gifts from God. I really wish they did not grow up so fast!!


The Andersons said...

Look at that little miss Hannah Montana down there! We've missed too much time together since our kids have been small. Blogging has made me feel so much closer to you and your family and made me realize how much I miss you! Isn't it strange to find yourself in such a new place in your life? We've gone from being "baby makers" to "kid raisers". I don't know about you, but I'm afraid this next part may be harder....


Kari said...

NO question there.. I know it is going to be already is!! Think we could rewind time a little??

I do not know about you but I am soo not ready for the part of "kid raisers" Must get Amanda to teach me her super power of "eye = butt in chair"

I agree blogging has made me feel closer to you and yours..we really have let to much time go by we have got to make some plans to get together and soon!!

miss ya..and luv ya!!