Monday, April 28, 2008

So Much To Do and SOO Little Time

So much to do and so little time...That is how I feel at any given time or even given day. As the summer approaches I am trying to get a lot done around the that this summer it can be all about "fun in the sun", and day trips with the kids, just having a good summer doing a bunch of everything and a whole lot of nothing. A stay at home mother's job is never done. There is no time clock, sometimes no lunch, and it seems that some days last for weeks. If I am not sitting in car rider line waiting to pick up Tyler from school, I am being a soccer mom making sure that everyone gets to practice on time with all of their stuff, or doing the never ending pile of laundry, dishes(note to self call repairman dishwasher is broken) don't forget the parties at school were you need to bring cupcakes/cookies,cook dinner...on and on the list could go. The job is not glamorous and sometimes you do not get taken seriously, people think it is sitting around eating bon-bons all day and let me tell you its not! But I am VERY VERY BLESSED to be a stay at home mom...I thank God everyday !! I get to play, and love on my kids all day everyday. This job may not be glamorous but it has some GREAT benefits!!!

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Amanda said...

Very few jobs are as rewarding as yours! Although the things you do may seem mundane and small, it is the little things that count in the lives of your children. I keep telling myself there will be time for bon bons when the kids are grown. But, I may be eating them with dentures!