Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 a new year a new beginning.....

The Robinson's have been busy people for the last 6 months of the year.
I made it through another season of volleyball, this was my 5th season. We won our district this year and had a great season. The girls were great and I am one proud coach let me tell you!!
Warren finally got his truck!! Whoo hoo I am so proud for him. It is a black Nissan Titan, 4 door, leather seats, dvd player, heated seats, the was well worth the wait. He is very happy with it and it does help that he got a great deal on it.
Tyler is enjoying school, although we are sad that his teacher has had to quit teaching mid year because of health issues. We will miss her, she was a great teacher. He is doing great in school, and is (to my unliking!!) very liked by the girls..our phone rings off the hook sometimes. He is in 3rd grade people..way to young for this to be starting!! I have let him grow his hair out and although I will not admit it to him, I do like the way it looks even though you can't see his beautiful brown eyes as much. He is playing basketball this winter instead of indoor soccer, we all decided it was time to try something different. He has already been talking about soccer sign ups though, that boy loves that sport!!
Emily Klair is doing great too! She is now on 2 different medicines to help control her seizures, we had a little bit of trouble with them this year but they are under control as of right now. We are just praying that it stays this way. She is not playing or doing anything right now, we have asked and tried to get her to do something girly, dance, gymnastics, tumbling, anything?? but she is content with we are too. She says she is going to play softball again so who knows we may be on the softball fields again this spring.
My extended family has went through some major changes this last part of the year and we are all coming out from the darkness with a better understanding of what family is and what family means. 2010 it's a new year with a new beginning......

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