Monday, December 6, 2010

Nice or Naughty list??

There are many words that people could use to describe me...or ahem excuse me have used to describe me. Lets see there are the words that are perfectly true, like mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, coach, teacher,Christian...there are those words I hope are truly true such as friendly, funny, smart, pretty, sweetheart, but then what about the words I know are true but don't like about myself like fat, grouchy, smart mouthed, loud on and so forth.
I always say every year that I would really like to change my eating habits, get healthier, exercise more..blah blah same song different verse...Here lately all and I mean ALL of my friends have become runners, and not just get up in the morning runners but full marathon runners...I admire them so much. I have tried and tried and I am not a runner!! I do like to work out and love to be active...but have not done enough or kept it constant enough to do any good.
I have always been the big girl in the room, and have blogged about this before, but since this surgery has thrown me for such a loop I am ready to be doing something, ANYTHING active right now.
I am not a couch parent, I play with my kiddos and keep them very active which in turn means I am active but would like to be much more in shape!!! not too mention much more attractive and skinny... so I have asked for a bike for Christmas that is one of my kiddos favorite things in the world so I am hoping to get one and be able to start riding and get in better shape and maybe even lose some weight. So I figure if I blog about it and post pics then maybe I have a better shot at keeping up with it this year.
But first I have to get a bike...fingers crossed I have been good enough this year to find my name on the nice list and not the naughty list!!

(the picture at the top is of some of my amazing teens from church and my sil..I am the biggest one in the is the only picture I could find of myself that showed my whole it will be my beginning pic)

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