Monday, March 14, 2011

Warm sun, blue sky..

BEAUTIFUL,WONDERFUL,GLORIOUS, PERFECT.... those are just some of the words that I would use to describe our weekend!! Crystal blue skies, no clouds in sight, warm sun on our skin and the sound of soccer mom and dads cheering on their favorite little players. First, goal of the game by none other then Tyler Robinson!!!! Won both games, saw my son have some of the most wonderful assists, and foot skills..and even better then that watching him get schooled by a girl!!! PRICELESS!!! I am also firing Warren from videoing the games with flip, why you ask?? because he is so involved with the game he misses the action with the camera. We get alot of grass, feet, and the end of the wonderful plays but not the actual plays he is fired and I will try to get better video this weekend. Emily Klair got to have hitting practice last week, the weather has not been cooperating so we have not been able to have real softball practice yet, unlike soccer, if it sprinkles they cancel so the fields won't get messed up. So hitting inside at the top of the old high school where I use to practice is all she has gotten to do. And well, she is mine so I get to say she did awesome!! The hitting coach agrees, and said she has some "natural" talent!! We shall see as the season goes on but I am excited to get this going and watch her have a blast on the softball field. Thank you all for your kind words on my last post, still not 100% but I am back to work and gonna try to make it to a work out tomorrow for the first time. I am not sure what is going on but it is not fun when it happens, I get sweaty, pulse races, feel like I have an elephant on my chest or someone squeezing my chest to the point of no return, then I get sick to my stomach throw up, feel weak, then it passes in about an hour, minus a little discomfort in my chest. Every test is coming back fine but even morphine, and phenagren couldn't control my pain or vomiting at the hospital, they know something is going on just not sure what?? I don't have my gallbladder, but they have said I could still have stones without my gallbladder?? who knew go figure?? I have decided to just wait and hold off before calling and making the follow up with the doctor, just hate having test and things run, nothing ever shows anything!! Even my MRI for my shoulder showed nothing but a small tear it wasn't till they got in there during surgery that they saw that I basically tore every cartilage, ligament off the bone front and back, and my rotator cuff was caught in my shoulder joint....major surgery!! but nothing but a small tear in my cartilage on the MRI...same with EK negative pregnancy test till over 10 wks along!! so nothing ever shows up for why spend the money? that is my thought anyway... ok sorry this post got hijacked by my medical drama from last week...sorry about that! if you are still reading thanks... so one of my news years resolutions was to tell more of my story, hmmm how can I say this I haven't had one post about my story...I can't seem to get it together, it is like I am afraid to write it, or post it , or rethink about it. I don't know?? Something is holding me back and I don't know why?? I have no problems sharing but at the same time I can't let myself hit publish post?!?!? and it is driving me crazy, so I think I am going to have to start off with something easy, something light and fluffy!! so if I have not shared this week please make me!! hold me accountable!!

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Kellie said...

Jealous of your nice weather right here! I need the snow to go away so I can get outside and MOVE! :) This has been a long winter!

Way to go, Tyler! I bet that made him one happy little man!

Hope you're hanging in there with the health stuff. That must be so rough. And you're back at work now? Take it easy!

Don't force yourself to post anything that makes you uncomfortable! And remember-you can always flirt with the "Save draft" button-it gives you some time to think things out! :) I have to say-it is so freeing to be able to write what I want. And the only reason I can do that is because no on in my real life knows how to find my blog! :) It's my little secret!