Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sunny days are here again...

I love the snow, I love the memories we make in the snow, I love having snow days......BUT
I am getting over it!
I am ready for warm weather, flip flops (which I wore today even though it was snowing..I know I am dork but whatcha going to do?? Love them!)
I am ready to go to the beach, sun, sand, and cool blue water!!
I am ready to play outside with the kids throwing the softball with EK, or kicking the soccer ball with Ty...
I am ready for my windows to be open at the house, to trim the bushes and plant flowers, ready for sunny days to be here again!!
For all my northern friends I know I have no room to complain when we get 1 1/2 inches of snow and it shuts down the whole town, and we only get snow once in a blue moon, although this winter has been I apologize to you for complaining!
I am very blessed and for the past few summers have gotten to go to the beach on an average of 4 times each summer, sometimes with my family, sometimes with some great friends for a girls trip, and sometimes with some great teenagers!! I could live at the beach!! The pictures are from various trips in the last few summers...
Top picture is from this Oct fall and my girl EK
2nd picture is EK and my niece Hallie
3rd picture is me and my good friend Tammy swimming with the dolphins in the wild..we were at Tybee Island in Georgia and the dolphins would swim right up to was wild!! 4th picture is of my beautiful that picture one of my favs foresure
5th picture is me and EK again working on our tans!! oh how I miss my tan right now!!
Bring on the sunny days, please and the sooner the better!!!
I will hopefully be going to the beach this spring break with the tennis team again...they get their tails worked off at a tennis camp and I get my tan on while they are there...then fun times at night being a chaperone to a great group of kids!!


Natalie said...

This was painful to read/look at. It's currently -17 out and just thinking about ever going outside again makes me want to cry!

How about I come on your warm tennis trip!? I was the highschool MVP! haha

Kari said...

please do the more the merrier...I just told Kellie she needed to take a time out down here where next week it is suppose to be 60!

lol I don't even coach tennis but the kids picked me to go, it helps that I am best friends with the coach and well we are the cooliest and most fun chaperones around!!