Sunday, January 9, 2011

His sparkle is gone...

It is hard to think that this perfect looking child about gave us a heart attack 2 nights ago. This lil man is getting back to himself, but still afraid and wants to sleep with us, which we are allowing till we know more about what happened. You can see in his eyes he is still wore out and still quite pale, but he is doing well. Although because I am the mom I still say he doesn't look good, he looks different then he normally does, if you know him you know the sparkle that is in his eyes, I think that is missing right now...but that is just me!
Here he is getting some advice from the coach...aka daddy!! Basketball season is always so fun because they get to spend some quality time together...Daddy and his little me!
We let Tyler play basketball Saturday, thought it would be good for him to get back to doing normal things, that he loves so much (anything sports!!)...he is still really tired, but feeling fine.
We have to wait on the peds clinic here in town to call and let us know when our appt. with the nuero is, but since we are already patients there bc of EK I am not going to wait too long on them. I will call them myself if I have to. I want to get some of these test going, because this waiting and watching and wondering if it is going to happen again or not is whats the word I am looking for here???? ummm well it just really really stinks!! for a lack of a better term.
I am having a hard time turning my brain off right now. I have a horrible case of the what if's?? I know I said I am not going to worry and I am not going to be negative and I am trying, really I am. I am thankful I heard him, I am thankful that it only lasted 2 mins and he came out of it on his own, I am thankful that all the test so far have been normal. I am however having a hard time not picturing him all contorted, his eyes rolled back, and the twitching, convulsing all of that won't leave my mind. Every noise he makes in his sleep I am up and looking watching and really just holding my breathe till I know he is ok....this is all normal I know but right now that is how I am feeling...he of course knows nothing about how I am feeling towards him, his parents are being normal, loving him, playing with him, and making him do his chores and really just being the normal annoying parents we are right now..I mean he is 10 yrs old so you know how that goes.
I am thankful for friends and family and all the prayers that have been said and are being said for Tyler. I know that his sparkle is gone right now but soon it will be back and shining brighter then ever!!!

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