Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some of my other kiddos...

Back to back District Champs...2010 VolleyDawgs!!
having fun after a week of two-a-day practices in the dog heat of summer...
we start the season in July...well our gym has no the summertime it can be over 100 degrees in that gym..and you will still find us in there sweating it out...our girls work very hard and we are always very proud of them!
We try and make it fun, we have crazy hair day Wednesdays, team bonding parties, we dress alike for practices and to travel, bc we are a team..we are one!
I love volleyball!! I love the sport, I love the family feeling we have as a team, I love everything about it!!
These are some pictures of some of my other kiddos...I love working with teenagers, whether its church, or coaching.
They are in a world all there own and if they let you in, you better treat it with care and treasure every moment of it...
I have coached for 6 seasons now and have been through lots of fun, hard, trying, awesome moments, that I wouldn't trade for anything!! My kiddos have grown up in the gym with me, I take them to every practice and most games just depends on how far we travel and what is going on with them (ie..if they have practice themselves or gymnastics or something)the girls are very sweet to them and love on them!!
I am lucky enough to get to do this with one of my best friends in the world, we are very similar and try and make volleyball more then just a school sport. We try and make it a family with lots of fun and having each others backs no matter what is going on. I think very few people in their lives get to experience the type of friendship we have with one another, she truly is a part of my family!
I just wanted to show off some of my other kiddos...I am one proud momma to a team of wonderful young ladies....past players and present players, looking forward to many more seasons to come.

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Natalie said...

Love this post!

I played highschool volleyball back in the day (ahem... umm... 4 years ago!), and we also had some district championships under our belt!

I love that you make time for fun, too! :)